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Welcome to the Forumer!

The upgrade our Forumer admins have been waiting for is here! Based on many requests from our Forumer admins for new features, more customization, we are re-launching our new Forumer.com platform.

We know how important forums are within the Internet universe, and that’s why the new Forumer has many exciting new features such as a mobile web version, new chat rooms, detailed security logs, interactive user profiles, member contributions towards ad-free, and more . Forumer is the place to be if you want to start a forum. Try it out, and experience the new and improved Forumer first hand.

This is only the beginning of our journey – we have plans for continued improvements across the Forumer platform. We appreciate feedback and plan on working closely with all of you to include your thoughts and ideas in the development process. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime: Forumer Support. We look forward to hearing from you, and to having you join and stay with us at Forumer!

If you are looking for help you may want to check our Forumer Help and FAQ pages. For legal problems on the Forumer site you should check out our Legal  pages to understand your options. Legal issues can be reported at Forumer Support.